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General Electronics Laboratories (GEL)

GEL is one of the most obscure of all the telemetry and surveillance receiver manufacturers I have encountered. In thirty years of researching this equipment, I have only seen their hardware once. I have seen only two radios for sale, both 17A3 countermeasures receivers.

GEL had three bases of operation; Cambridge, MA, Silver Spring, MD and Nashua, NH. I believe the initial corporate headquarters and engineering department was in Cambridge.

The Silver Spring, MD site was set up by Ray Rosenberg and Miller Reddin as a quasi-independent subsidiary. The arrangement did not last long.

I don't know what role the Nashua address played but the receiver at the right has that location listed on the ID tag.

GEL telemetry, countermeasures and surveillance receivers are superbly constructed. I received similar reports on their line of FM broadcast transmitters. stereo exciters and SCA exciters.



GEL 17A4 Countermeasures Receiver (very rare)

I'm told by the owner this was a prototype

I was lucky to obtain copies of six General Electronics Laboratories manuals for receivers and associated equipment through the estate of a GEL engineer. They are available on the documents page under GEL.

If you have any information on GEL equipment, please contact me.

11B1 Telemetry Receiver manual
11G1 Telemetry Receiver manual

14D1 Spectrum Display manual
14E1 Spectrum Display manual

16A1 Countermeasures Receiver manual
17A4 Countermeasures Receiver manual

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - more pictures and information to follow