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Clearance Page

My primary work is academic based research on the history of these comapnies. Along the way I accumulate a lot of duplicates and extra stuff. This page is where I dispose of these items to create space and acquire funds to continue my research.

Please don't write me asking for anything you do not see on the clearance pages. I am not running a business.





I do not ship to any address outside the United States. ITAR regulations covered a significant amount of this equipment and these documents. It is not worth the hassle of dealing with overseas shipping.

Overseas buyers should be aware that using a US agent for transshipping is no guarantee of success. I have sold equipment that encountered problems when the transshipper tried to ship overseas.

Overseas buyers please note, once any item has been successfully shipped to a US address, it is fully your property and any problems encountered are yours because the transaction is complete.