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Documents for Sale

In the course of my research I have accumulated many duplicate documents, especially from the purchase of estates that contained historical documents I needed. The items below are superfluous to the historical research I am doing and I am selling them to cover my research expenses, which are substantial.

Manuals for Sale

Most of these documents I purchased from an estate of a long-time WJ depot technician. They range from good to excellent condition. A few contain handwritten notes and other marks made by WJ personnel. These are rare documents and most are originals. I do not make copies.

Most manuals were printed on demand so variations are common. Equipment was routinely configured to satisfy specific customer orders. Field modifications and upgrades in the course of a radio's mission can also introduce features and systems not shown in the manuals. You should expect the possibility that there may be portions of specific manuals that do not match a specific radio you possess. If you need to know if something very specific is in a manual, please ask ahead of time. There will be no refinds.

Original WJ Manuals for sale

Other WJ Manuals for sale

Miscellaneous Manuals for sale

Catalogs for Sale

Original WJ Catalogs, Sales Fliers & Documents, including Symposium Papers

Miscellaneous Catalogs for sale

Miscellaneous Documents for Sale

Watkins-Johnson Tech Notes

These are Watkins-Johnson originals from the estate of a long-time WJ depot technician. The vast majority are in very good to excellent condition.