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For Sale - Original WJ Tech Notes

Watkins-Johnson Tech Notes were small pamphlets covering technical topics of interest to WJ customers as well as engineers in the government and industry. Several WJ staff have told me the company's success arose from bringing young engineers into "WJ University." WJ Tech Notes can, in one sense, be viewed as a trade/scientific journal for the specialized interests in the SIGINT, ELINT, space communications and semiconductor industries.

The documents for sale are Watkins-Johnson color originals obtained from the estate of a long-time WJ factory depot technician. The vast majority are in very good to excellent condition. If my stock runs low and substandard copies are available, you will be contacted with a full description and a request for confirmation before shipping.

Tech Note March April 1978 WJ Tech Notes January February 1987

Triquint has generously made online scans of B/W photocopies available from their web site under the tab marked "WJ Classics". Please check the Triquint site so you are sure you know what you are purchasing, but remember their web site has B/W photocopies and the ones for sale here are uncirculated color originals.

Triquint purchased WJ Communications, the last division of the venerable WJ product family.

All prices in the table below are for single copies. Quantity discount of 10% for 10-24 different titles, 20% for over 25 different titles. Multiple copies of the same title will not be discounted. Limited quantities are available and many are already sold out.

Shipping to a US address is via Flat Rate Priority Mail. Current rates will be used.
(Rates as of 1/25/2013 are: 1-3 copies - $5.15 // 3-24 copies - $5.30 //25-97 copies - $11.35)

International shipping at current rates. Purchaser assumes all responsibilities for customs and full liability for any problems that develop in the course of overseas shipping.

All payment shall be by PayPal.







products covered, mentioned or pictured


online scan at Triquint

1 1 Jan/Feb 1974 Developing the Electron Bombarded Semiconductor staff WJ-3650, WJ-3653 $20 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Developments in FML and Miniature Millimeter LNTWA Devices staff WJ-466, WJ-467 $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   The Laminar Flow Gun CRT staff WJ-3407 sold out yes
  4 Jul/Aug   The Coplanar Mixer Ferenc A. Marki WJ-M22, WJ-C41 $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   YIG-tuned bulk GaAs Oscillators staff WJ-5008 sold out yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Voltage Controlled Oscillators in Modern ECM Systems Ronald N. Buswell   $5 yes
2 1 Jan/Feb 1975 X-Ray Flux from Transmission-Target Tubes William Hershyn   sold out yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Airborne Rotary DF Antenna Systems Terry Harper WJ-EP-22, WJ-L6-A1 $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   Microwave Frequency Synthesizers Charles E. Foster, II, Thomas G. Simon WJ-1250, WJ-1251, WJ-1740 $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   High Probability of Intercept Receivers Terry Harper   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Ka-band YIG-tuned GaAs Oscillators William Green, Walter Wilser, Kurt Zublin   $5 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   A Modern Receiving System Approach to EMI/EMC/TEMPEST Measurements Kenneth Bach WJ-8940A $5 yes
3 1 Jan/Feb 1976 Electron Bombarded Semiconductors Bruce Bell, Richard Knight WJ-3652, WJ-3680, WJ-3681, WJ-3684 sold out yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Linear VCOs Ronald N. Buswell WJ-2835-41 sold out yes
  3 May/Jun   EW Acquisition Systems B. R. Hatcher   $10 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Gain of Directional Antennas John E. Hill   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   EMC/TEMPEST Detection Systems... Al Bellman RS-125, WJ-8940B, WJ-9026, sold out yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Signal Recognition in a Complex Radar Environment J. William Campbell, Stephen Saperstein   $5 yes
4 1 Jan/Feb 1977 Low-Noise GaAs FET Amplifiers Frank E. Emery WJ-5300, WJ-5310, WJ-5314, WJ-5320, WJ-5325, WJ-6621 $5 no
  2 Mar/Apr   Advances in Microwave Receiver Testing Charles E. Foster, II, Kenway J. Wong WJ-1192-4, WJ-1250, WJ-1251-4, -7 & -8, WJ-1253A, WJ-1253B, WJ-1254-1, WJ-1255, WJ-1256-2 $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   Design of Power Converters for Space TWTA's Charles B. Loftus, Jr WJ-1171 $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Pulse X-Ray Tubes Walter S. Knodel, III, William Hershyn, Timothy R. Emery   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   YIG-Tuned Integrated Devices James C. Papp, Robert "Val" Jackson WJ-940/TN-600, WJ-A71, WJ-A5, WJ-2250 sold out yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Cavity-Controlled Oscillators Thomas R. Bushnell, Ronald N. Buswell WJ-2873-2 $5 yes
5 1 Jan/Feb 1978 Mixers as Phase Detectors Stephan R. Kurtz WJ-M1E, WJ-M62 $5 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   HF Receiver Design Charles E. Dexter, Robert D. Glaz WJ-8718 $10 yes
  3 May/Jun   Transportation Lag in Phase-Locked Loops Scott F. Wetenkamp, Kenway J. Wong   $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Hyperabrupt Varactor-Tuned Oscillators Richard M. Beach   $10 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Solid-State Limiting Amplifiers Dr. Frank E. Emery WJ-5310 $3 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Miniature X-band Amplifier and Down Converters E. James Crescenzi, Jr, Ferenc A. Marki WJ-C81-2 $3 yes
6 1 Jan/Feb 1979 Cascadable Amplifiers Daniel L. Cheadle WJ-A39, WJ-A87, WJ-EA2, WJ-PA1, WJ-PA2, $5 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Advances in CRT Technology Part 1 Norman H. Lehrer   $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   Advances in CRT technology Part 2 Norman H. Lehrer   $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Antenna polarization John E. Hill   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   YIG-Tuned FET Oscillator Design 8-18 GHz James C. Papp, Yoshiomi Y. Koyano   $5 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Signals Typical to the HF Spectrum Robert D. Glaz WJ-8718 $10 yes
7 1 Jan/Feb 1980 Hybridization of Competitive Receivers Terry Harper   $10 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   High Dynamic Range Receiver Parameters Rodney K. McDowell WJ-8617A $10 yes
  3 May/Jun   Digitally Controlled VHF/UHF Receiver Design Charles E. Dexter WJ-8617A $10 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Ultralow-Noise Source for Noise Analyzer Calibration Richard S. Napier WJ-1221-23, WJ-1250, WJ-1251 $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   FSK: Signals and Demodulation Bob Watson WJ-9470 series $10 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Specifying High-rel Mixers and Amplifiers Barry D. Bakner   $5 yes
8 1 Jan/Feb 1981 UHF/VHF Direction Finding James B. Harrington, Thomas G. Callaghan WJ-8975, WJ-9880 $15 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Mixers: Part 1 Bert C. Henderson WJ-M1K, WJ-M40 $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   Mixers: Part 2 Bert C. Henderson WJ-M31, WJ-M40 $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Antenna Pedestals for Microwave Recon Systems Richard A. Gagelin WJ-EP30-2, WJ-EP40 $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Digital Transmission of Analog Signals John F. DeLozier   $10 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Local Oscillator Phase Noise C. John Grebenkemper   sold out yes
9 1 Jan/Feb 1982 Improving System and Environmental DF Accuracy James B. Harrington   $10 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   DF System Calibration and Correction Techniques James B. Harrington   sold out yes
  3 May/Jun   Digital Signal Processing for Multichannel Receiving Systems Benedict J. Nardi   sold out yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Design of Automatic Receiver Test Systems Scott A. Moser   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   18 to 60 GHz Signal Generation from Existing Sources Richard S. Napier, Judi Cowell WJ-1204-42 $5 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Time-Domain Receivers For Pulsed Signals - Part 1 Joel E. Schindall, Malcolm J. Caraballo   $5 yes
10 1 Jan/Feb 1983 Time-Domain Receivers For Pulsed Signals - Part 2 Joel E. Schindall, Malcolm J. Caraballo WJ-1920, WJ-1921 $5 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Frequency Memory Loops Richard N. DeGunther, Stephen P. MacCabe   $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   ELF/VLF Receiver Design Warren K. Gruber WJ-8940B/ELF $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Predicting Intermodulation Suppression In Double-Balanced Mixers Bert C. Henderson WJ-M2T, WJ-M4T, WJ-M50A, WJ-M83, WJ-M87, WJ-M88, WJ-M89, WJ-M93 $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Low-Power VHF/UHF Synthesizer Design Henry W. Anderson WJ-8627-2, -4 & -6, WJ-9040/IFT100 $5 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Microwave Sampling for Ultra-Broadband Frequency Conversion Stephen E. Moore WJ-SN-701, WJ-6221-2, WJ-6222-1 $5 yes
11 1 Jan/Feb 1984 Microwave Switch Selection Techniques Salvatore J. Algeri, Geln R. Hicks WJ-MS202 $5 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   PSK Demodulation Part 1 J. Mark Steber   $5 original-no, reprint-yes
  3 May/Jun   PSK Demodulation Part 2 J. Mark Steber   $3 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Competitive Receiver Technologies Gregory J. Donaldson   $10 no
  5 Sep/Oct   RF Signal Processing Before the Receiver David Z. Janich   $10 no
  6 Nov/Dec   Software Design of Microprocessor-Controlled Receivers Part 1 Charles E. Dexter, Anthony W. Poffenberger WJ-8615 $10 no
12 1 Jan/Feb 1985 Software Design of Microprocessor-Controlled Receivers Part 2 Charles E. Dexter, Anthony W. Poffenberger WJ-8615D, WJ-8618B $10 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Design Considerations for Automated RF Test Equipment Clifford S. Fitterer, Marc A. Nurmi WJ-1550, WJ-8618B $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   Image-Reject and Single-Sideband Mixer Bert C. Henderson, James A. Cook WJ-M33C, WJ-M34C $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Modulation Recognition for Automated Surveillance Systems Jerry L. Perry, Jong-Kie Tjho, Thomas G.Callaghan WJ-940/MRU100 $10 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Aircraft Detection and Identification Using Passive Electronic Support Measures Joel E. Schindall WJ-1780, WJ-TN-122 $5 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   System Control of VHF/UHF Receivers Charles E. Dexter, Thomas W. Goodell WJ-8610A $8 yes
13 1 Jan/Feb 1986 Parallel Testing of Magnetic Bubble Memories Stephen D. Adams WJ-1484 $3 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Developments in Receiving System Integration Techniques Richard M. Lober & Scott A. Frager WJ-9040 sold out yes
  3 May/Jun   Time Tracking of High PRI Signals With Bit-Slice Microprocessors Douglas Seter   $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Dual Mixers Steven E. Avery   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Wideband YIG-tuned Oscillators staff WJ-6810-310F, WJ-6830 $5 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Measurement of GaAs FET Noise Parameters Robert Froelich WJ-F105R $10 yes
14 1 Jan/Feb 1987 Receiver Dynamic Range: Part 1 Robert E. Watson WJ-8615D, WJ-8940B $10 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Receiver Dynamic Range: Part 2 Robert E. Watson RS-111-1B, WJ-8615D, WJ-8617B, WJ-9073-2, Icom R-7000, R&S "xxx-500" $10 yes
  3 May/Jun   Subsystem Building Blocks for High-performance Microwave Systems Stephen P. MacCabe WJ-C85 $5 no
  4 Jul/Aug   How To Specify And Use A DTO/VCO Ronald N. Buswell WJ-2854-22, WJ-2855-37 $5 no
  5 Sep/Oct   A Rapid-Channel Identifier for EW Receivers Dr. Richard G. Ranson, Dr. Gregory L. Hey-Shipton, Dr. John G. Galli   $3 no
  6 Nov/Dec   Polarization Measurement: Part 1 David L. Hawthorne   $3 no
15 1 Jan/Feb 1988 Polarization Measurement: Part 2 David L. Hawthorne WJ-TN-122 $3 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   MIL-Specification Mixers Sherrie A. Schindler   $3 yes
  3 May/Jun   Integrated Mixer-Preamplifiers Bert C. Henderson, James M Zazkowski WJ-6242, WJ-6243, WJ-A75, WJ-M2T, WJ-M9H, WJ-M86, WJ-PA48 $5 no
  4 Jul/Aug   Integrated Techniques For Precision Waveform Measurement Gregory J. Donaldson WJ ELINT collection shelter $10 no
  5 Sep/Oct   Six-Stage YIG Filters Marinus Korber WJ-5906, WJ-5907, WJ-5908, WJ-5909 $5 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Spinning DF Antenna Systems Mark D. Hanson WJ-49201, WJ-49726, WJ-49861 $5 no
16 1 Jan/Feb 1989 Automated Noise-Parameter Measurements Using a Microwave Probe Robert Froelich   $5 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Rapid Broadband Signal Acquisition Allen L. Shapiro WJ-8628, WJ-9195C $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   Cascaded Amplifiers Timothy J. Galla WJ-A31-1, WJ-6203-426 $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Frequency Discriminators Jerome J. Ferr   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Design Considerations for Miniaturized Receivers Charles E. Dexter WJ-8607 $8 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Millimeter-Wave Block Converters Gregory L. Hey-Shipton, Anthony W. Denning   $5 yes
17 1 Jan/Feb 1990 Mixers in Microwave Systems Part 1 Bert C. Henderson WJ-M50 $3 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Mixers in Microwave Systems Part 2 Bert C. Henderson WJ-M1K, WJ- M4A, WJ-M50 WJ-M79 $3 yes
  3 May/Jun   Surface-Mount Component Technology Louis M. Seieroe, Steven E. Avery, Hyung Paek, Eric K. Carriere   $3 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   Fiber Optics for Receivers Judith A. Kay   $5 yes
  5 Sep/Oct   Combline Filters for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Frequencies Part 1 Gregory L. Hey-Shipton   $3 yes
  6 Nov/Dec   Combline Filters for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Frequencies Part 2 Gregory L. Hey-Shipton   $3 yes
18 1 Jan/Feb 1991 Surface-Mount Devices Reflow Soldering Donald E. Fuller WJ-989 $5 yes
  2 Mar/Apr   Design Considerations For Fast Switching PLL Synthesizers William C. Beam, Phillip J. Rezin WJ-8607 $5 yes
  3 May/Jun   Atmospheric Pressure vs. Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Nicholas Gralenski   $5 yes
  4 Jul/Aug   GaAs MMIC Voltage-Controlled Phase Shifter Robert D. Frost, David A. Fisher, Don E. Peck   $5 yes